Steam Punk Diffuser - Surf Coast Scent Company
Steam Punk Diffuser - Surf Coast Scent Company
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Steam Punk Diffuser

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Funky USB Powered Essential Oil Diffuser with Steam Punk Flair.



It's part historical looking & part future looking. It manages to merge the two just perfectly. This USB Essential Oil Diffuser has a look all to itself.

When it's running you'll love how you can see the steam coming out of the angled exhaust pipe. You'll also love how you can see the water getting used up in the upside down liquid tank. 

It's USB powered so you can plug it into almost anything including a spare port on a laptop or portable USB battery. Now anywhere you go can be jazzed up with some steam punk styling.

The single dial interface gives it additional steam punk vibes and makes it simple to operate.

Comes in a rich green or creamy beige colour. 


We Say.

Come on. It's steam punk! And it really looks steam punk!

As soon as we saw it we ordered them unseen and untested because we just knew they'd be a hit. We weren't wrong!

The colours look great and they sure do put out a lot of vapour volume and it gets to work almost instantly.



Size: 11cm x 9cm x 18cm

Water Capacity: 250ml

Rated Voltage: USB 5V 1A

Power: ~4W

Power Supply: USB Cable

Noise: <28db

In the box: Diffuser, USB Power Cable, Instruction Sheet

Made from ABS+PP+PC (No Glass).

Sourced from China


Feel Good.

  • We've carefully selected & sourced this product from overseas.
  • Please recycle our packaging.
  • We donate a part of our profits to Surf Life Saving Clubs here on the Surf Coast
  • We are a small family run business operating on the Surf Coast in Victoria, Australia. When you buy from us, you're getting a little bit of Surf Coast Soul in every package.
  • We're committed to help you feel good. We pinky-promise that we will never compromise our products for profit.
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How does the top go on?

The top goes on upside down (you'll understand when you see it). The water tank features a valve to help prevent spillage. You remove the tank and unscrew this valve to refill, then place it back on the diffuser

There's no steam coming out. Is it broken?

There's probably too much water in the body of the machine. Take the tank off & then take the lid off the unit so that you can see inside. It just pops off. Tip half the water out & put the lid back on. Try starting the unit now and you should see the vapor coming out the spout. When you put the water tank back on but try not to put it in too hard.