FREE SHIPPING on orders of just $60 or more!

Free Shipping on all order of $60 or more!

Who doesn't like cheaper? Nobody!

After reviewing our first few months of orders, sales and shipping we've decided to make shopping with us even easier. 

First things, first. We've changed the FREE Shipping option to kick in at just $60 now. So feel free to combine items to save on shipping. This works out to mean that if you combine any 2 bottles of skin, hair or body products, or 3 essential oils, you'll qualify for FREE shipping. Most of the diffusers will automatically click you into FREE shipping, but if they don't feel free to add an essential oil to your cart and get the FREE SHIPPING activated! 

Secondly, we've lowered our FLAT shipping fee within Australia to $8.50. That's right. We're still going to lovingly pack your items and send them out, we're just going to charge you less!

Lastly, if you didn't already see, we've started to add some amazing customized savings pack for you to take advantage of. Our promotional packs let you pick what you want included into the pack - they're fully customized by you. Oh, and they SHIP FREE! The range will be growing in the coming weeks so keep an eye out for them.