About Us


Andrea holding a Bespoke Bottle at Rocky Point Torquay

Hi, my name is Andrea.

My husband and I own and operate the Surf Coast Scent Company. We are a boutique family-owned and operated business in Torquay.

Our mission is to offer genuine, wholesome and luxurious products that are kind to your skin, the environment and make you feel great. We want you to say "WOW!" every time you use one of our products. 

We only offer the best hand-selected and handcrafted products fragranced with 100% pure natural essential oils.

We believe our products have a soul that we work hard to translate directly into how our products feel.

We have taken our love for the Surf Coast, pure natural fragrances and handcrafted products to create a range of personal care, beauty products and essential oils that are the best that we can make.

Most people have become too accustomed to mass-produced products and have forgotten what it feels like to use something made by people who love what they do. We think you'll feel the heart and soul that we pour into all our creations.

We offer a Small Batch and a Bespoke collection made to order just for you.

Our Small Batch - Essence of Australia takes some of our favourite products and scents to create a unique blend of Australian fragrances. All our Essence of Australia products include Kakadu Plum and Quandong.

We created Essence of Australia to celebrate the great Land Down Under and its flora, fauna and fragrances to remind you how wonderful and unique Australia is.

Our Bespoke range is unique - you select your favourite product and fragrance, and we bottle it by hand just for you.

We love the Surf Coast and the greater community and the inspiration it provides us. To say thanks, we pay it forward and donate a percentage of our profits directly to Surf Coast Life Saving Clubs.

We hope you enjoy our range and if you have any questions, suggestions or feedback, please drop us a line.


With love Andrea & Damian