Introducing Build Your Own Savings Packs!

Essential Oil Savings Bundles. Create Your Own Pack and Save Now!

Who doesn't like to save some money? The answer is nobody! Here at Surf Coast Scent Company we've realised that times might be getting a little tougher for people so we've decided to launch an new concept.

You know when a company has promotional packs and you're looking at them and you realise that they always include something that you just don't want? We do and we hate it!

That's why we created our concept of Build Your Own Packs. That's right. You select your pack and then you pick what goes into it. We'll lovingly prepare, pack and send out your items the same we do with all of our products. With love and made completely for you.

We've built our company and brand promise on the simple concept of doing everything personalised just for you - so when we were designing our promotion packs we just had to do it the same way. We don't want to create packs that include items that you don't want - all of our products have always been about EXACTLY what you want.

You can pick between an Essential Oil 2 Pack, Essential Oil 3 Pack, Essential Oil 4 Pack, Essential Oil 5 Pack, Essential Oil 6 Pack, or even a Essential Oil 10 Pack! The packs have more savings built into them as you increase the pack size and all the Essential Oil packs ship for FREE!

We've also created a completely customisable Diffuser and Essential Oil pack where you can pick your favourite Diffuser and 2 Essential Oils - we give you the second bottle of Essential Oil for FREE!

Visit the Essential Oil Packs page and start saving now!