Gift Card Terms & Conditions

Our Digital Gift Cards are a great option to give as a gift.

We understand that fragrances & scents combined with personal care & beauty products is a uniquely personal experience. It can be challenging to pick the right gift for somebody when we have so many options combined with so many options.

Because you are paying real money for our Gift Cards we want you to understand the terms & conditions of their use before you purchase them.

We don't think there's anything unfair or nasty in our T's & C's and we'd welcome any feedback from you if you think something isn't to your liking.

Our Gift Cards:

  • Use a unique & randomised code that is not case sensitive.
  • Hold a balance that can be spent over more than one order.
  • Are considered part payment when used to pay for a shopping cart that is more expensive than the value remaining on the card. The remaining balance will need to be paid using one of our accepted payment methods. 
  • Are not reloadable.
  • Can be used to pay for any & all items sold by us, including items on sale & customised items.
  • Are applied to the total value of an order, which can include GST & shipping.
  • Cannot be redeemed for cash or exchanged.
  • Do not include any activation fees or added service fees, or fees that reduce the value of the card over time.
  • Will not be used as compensation for unshipped or returned  merchandise in lieu of  providing refunds.
  • Have the value of the card & the card expiration date clearly indicated.
  • Cannot have the expiration date extended.
  • Can only be used to purchase from us.
  • Cannot be refunded.
  • Are not our responsibility to keep securely stored after purchase. If the card details are accepted on our store we assume it has been used by the intended recipient. Of course we will work with law enforcement agencies to explore fraudulent usage. Hey, we have the address where the goods will be delivered to, right?

If you have any questions or queries please drop us a line.