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Ramie & Cotton Shower Pouf

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Ramie & Cotton Shower Pouf.



Is it a pouf, a puff, a loofah or a scrubber? We'll leave the arguing to you.

Our Ramie & Cotton Shower Pouf is soft because it's made from a natural ramie & cotton mesh. There's no polyester or plastic in it at all.

It's super soft & when you add some of our luxurious soap or gel, things gets decadently sudsy. The secret is in the mesh construction that aerates the soap into a rich foam as it gently cleanses the skin.


We Say.

It's little luxuries in life that can make a difference to your outlook on things. Like most people we'd moved away from sponges, scrubbers or puffs over the years - just because. Going back to using a super soft pouf in the shower or bath has transformed the act of washing from something that you just do into something to be looked forward to. Simply luxurious.

You'll immediately notice the difference between using our pouf & just squirting soap onto your hands and rubbing away. It aids in the creation of bubbles, removing of impurities from the skin & an ultra gentle exfoliation.

When used with our cleansing products you'll be transported to a luxury paradise even though you're still in your bathroom.



Size: Approximately 16-18cm across

Made from ramie & cotton. 

Sourced from China.


Feel Good.

  • We've carefully selected & sourced this product from overseas.
  • Please recycle our packaging.
  • We donate a part of our profits to Surf Life Saving Clubs here on the Surf Coast
  • We are a small family run business operating on the Surf Coast in Victoria, Australia. When you buy from us, you're getting a little bit of Surf Coast Soul in every package.
  • We're committed to help you feel good. We pinky-promise that we will never compromise our products for profit.
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