Woody Hand Crafted Glass & Wood Nebulizer

Woody Hand Crafted Glass & Wood Nebulizer

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USB Powered Portable Essential Oil Nebulizer made from Glass, Wood & Brass.



There is a lot to like about this oil diffuser.

Each unit is made & assembled by hand using blown glass, real wood & brass. 

Because it is a nebulizer you do not add water or any other carrier - you just use pure essential oil. 

It's USB powered so you can plug it into almost anything including a spare port on a laptop or portable USB battery. It comes in a very handy travel pouch so you can take it with you wherever you go.

The single brass button interface makes operation nice & simple & it shuts down automatically after 2 hours.

When the unit is running it has a soft warm glow that just oozes elegance. It also features a non-skid base so it won't move around or be easily swept off a shelf, table or bench.

Only use pure essential oils in the nebulizer or it may clog up the nozzle. If you do manage to clog the nozzle follow the instructions in the FAQ to clean it.


We Say.

We think it's one of the best looking & best performing oil diffusers that you'll ever come across.

As a statement piece  this diffuser is both elegant in it's simplicity & bold in the way it combines the real natural wood, hand blown glass & polished brass accents. It's stunning.

They're great for people who have allergies because the only thing coming out of the nozzle is vaporized-what-ever-you-put-in.

They're are always in short supply as they are usually only made in small batches.

It's a great gift for somebody "into" essential oils or aromatherapy. Pair it some of our pure essential oils to round out your gift.



Size: 11cm x 6cm x 11cm (Travel Pouch 19cm x 9cm x 8cm)

Essential Oil Capacity: Max 8ml (Suggest to use 10-20 drops per hour)

Rated Voltage: DC5V-200mA

Power: 2.4W

Power Supply: USB Cable

Noise: <32db

In the box: Nebulizer Body, Blown Glass Chamber, Travel/Storage Pouch, USB Power Cable, Dropper, Instruction Sheet

Made from Glass, Wood, Brass

Sourced from China


Feel Good.

  • We've carefully selected & sourced this product from overseas.
  • Please recycle our packaging.
  • We donate a part of our profits to Surf Life Saving Clubs here on the Surf Coast
  • We are a small family run business operating on the Surf Coast in Victoria, Australia. When you buy from us, you're getting a little bit of Surf Coast Soul in every package.
  • We're committed to help you feel good. We pinky-promise that we will never compromise our products for profit.
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I don't think it's working...Nothing is coming out?

When the vaporizer is on it will glow with a soft warm light. You can also verify that it's nebulizing by shining a torch or the light on your phone over the top of the nozzle - you'll see the fine mist.

What can I nebulize in it?

Please only nebulize pure essential oils. Do not use any essential oils that include a carrier base in their ingredients (e.g. do not use our Neroli 3% or Sandalwood 10%). Common carrier oils are Macadamia (Macadamia Integrifolia), Jojoba (Simmondsia Chinensis) & Grapeseed (Vitis Vinifera).

The wood on my unit is a different colour or pattern shape to the one in the pictures on your site?

These units are all made from real, natural wood. There may be a variation in colour & grain between what you receive & those on our website. 

How does the top go on?

Gently press the stem of the glass reservoir into the base. If you think it's too tight a gently twist as you press can help. To remove gently pull the glass reservoir from the base with a little twist as you go. 

How do I clean it?

Put the same amount of Rubbing Alcohol in the unit as you would normally put essential oil. Turn the unit on and run it for 30minutes. 

The nozzle is clogged. How do I fix it?

Put the same amount of rubbing alcohol in the unit as you would normally put essential oil. Turn the unit on and run it for 30minutes. If it's still clogged, with the unit still nebulizing rubbing alcohol, block the top of the nozzle with the fat end of the dropper that is included in the travel pouch. The change in air pressure will discharge the blockage from the bottom of the nozzle. You may need to repeat this a couple of times.